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This pluridisciplinary book (anthropology, botany, chemistry, agriculture, economy, pharmacology, and geography) presents kava in the Pacific under all its aspects in 361 pages, with 77 maps and figures, 415 color photos and more than 500 bibliographic references and decades of field experience.

Kava is a major cultural trait of the Pacific as it can differentiate this vast area from the rest of the World. Kava exists there and nowhere else. Kava is a common cultural trait of Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian peoples alike. They cultivate the plant, transform it and drink the beverage according to their cultural preferences. This plant is a symbol of an immense geographical region but also the expression of diverse local identities. Kava is the ideal entry to approach the complexicity of the islands in this great ocean. It is also at the core of these societies present evolution. Because of its role in the history of the Pacific islands and also because of its present role in the modern world, it is reasonable to present the people who cherish the plant as those composing the great civilization of kava.


Author Simeoni, Patricia, author
Other authors/contributors Lebot, Vincent, author

Translated title Kava drinkers.

Description Port-Vila, Vanouatou : Geo-consulte, 2014

362 pages : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 31 cm

ISBN9782953336238 (hardback)

Includes bibliographical references and index.

In French.

Subjects Kava (Beverage) – Islands of the Pacific.  | Kava (Beverage) – Social aspects – Islands of the Pacific.  |  Kava (Beverage) – Islands of the Pacific – History.  |  Cultural geography – Islands of the Pacific.